The Pizza House

There is no other food I crave on a more frequent basis than a pepperoni and sausage pizza from The Pizza House. A Springfield institution for over 50-years, they still crank out the thinnest, crispiest, tastiest pies in town. Bite-size square after bite-size square you will work your way from the perfectly burnt edges (my favorite) to the gooey center. Before you know it, you have eaten the entire pizza.

Stick with the basics here: pepperoni, sausage (amazing), ham, peppers, onions, cheese. If you are looking for gourmet pizza, head to The Grotto or Minsky’s. Want authentic Italian style pizza? Bruno’s is your place. This is Springfield style. And I love it.

Great pizza, great location (north-side!), great owner. Say hi to Stacey for me.




The edges are always the first to go. (Mouth watering as I write this)

Our Valentines Day tradition: PIZZA! Stacey makes it extra special for my wife and I.

Yes, they have salad. Nice and simple: lettuce, tomato, lots of cheese and Ott’s French dressing. Reminds me of dinner at my grandma’s when I was a kid.


3 thoughts on “The Pizza House

  1. I am a Springfield native and for some reason do not like the Pizza House. My parents grew up on it. My grandparents thought it was the epitomy of Italian food. Everytime I have attempted to eat their pizza, I have been dismayed. I have either received bad food or bad service every time. Sigh. I cannot reccomend it.
    As far as “gourmet pizza” is concerned… The Grotto? Minsky’s? You cannot be serious! You must be in love with pretentious yuppie franchise restaurants or something.
    Bruno’s pizza is by far the most authentic (especially when you consider the owner moved here from Sicily) and D’Arpino’s is the best “New York style” pie in town!

    • For me there are three types of pizza:

      1) Local Variety (St. Louis, Chicago, NY, etc)
      2) “Gourmet” Pizza, which I define as those that feature non-traditional toppings, like Minsky’s & The Grotto
      3) Authentic Pizza, ie Neopolitan, the original, wood fired oven, blackened bubbly crust, simple, quality ingredients (my personal favorite – see my eAt-Lanta review)

      I am a lover of all types. I do agree that Bruno’s makes a mean pizza and definitely the most authentic in town, although I do wish he had real mozzarella di bufala as an option. My choice there is the La Siciliana with anchovies, capers and chili oil. Simple and delicious. I overlooked that one when I wrote the review, so thanks for reminding me. I haven’t sampled the pizza at D’Arpino’s. I wasn’t impressed with the meal the one time I’ve been there and haven’t been back since. May have to give it a second look with pizza in mind.

      Pizza House is a place that for better or worse caters to the regulars. I love their sausage even though is is more a breakfast style. It reminds me of the pizzas my mom used to make as a kid. It is definitely not Italian, but I’ve always liked it. Especially the burnt, crispy edges.

      Really don’t get the negativity toward The Grotto. Mark is cranking out some of the best tasting, freshest food in town, from the burgers and sandwiches to salads and sides (Blue Cheese Chips anyone?), and yes, even his California style pizzas. It is also locally owned an operated.

      As far as Minsky’s goes, I do enjoy even chain pizza when it’s done right. I go here when I want mounds of good quality toppings, my favorite being the Papa Minsky w/ Italian Sausage, Salami & Roasted Red Peppers. It’s a great combination of classic flavors. And they always nail the brown, bubbly cheese on top, which earns points in my book.

      Bottom line, I love pizza, in all it’s different forms. The beauty of it is that it’s basically a blank canvas for chefs to interpret in their own style. And I will continue to sample all varieties everywhere I can. With pics and comments of course.

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