Blu Sesame – The Early Days

I’ve been waiting anxiously for this place to open. I’m a big fan of Asian food in it’s traditional and fusion forms. From cashew chicken (Springfield style of course) to sushi, you name it, I eat it. At first glance this place appeared to be a perfect match.



After a brief deliberation we settled on Mozzarella Spring Rolls, White Pepper Crab Egg Drop Soup, Chicken Katsu w/ Asian Nachos, Start Your Night Off Roll and the Spicy Ramen w/ Chicken. Yes, I often over order when trying a new restaurant, but it’s a sacrifice I make to give you, the reader, a more thorough review.

The Mozzarella Spring Rolls were the first and best dish of the night. Perfectly crispy with melted cheese surrounding a crisp asparagus spear.


Kai & Haruno sell a similar (and superior) dish, Asparagus Mozzarella Tempura, although I would definitely order this again.

Next out was the White Pepper Crab Egg Drop Soup. The actual egg drop soup was a good enough rendition. Didn’t detect the white pepper mentioned, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as too much of it can quickly overpower a dish. My biggest issue with the soup was the “crab”. Can we get a law passed that any restaurant selling the pink, rubbery, artificially sweet fish slurry, have to spell the word with a “k”? Crab is one of my favorite things in the whole world. The imitation stuff is an insult to the word. I’d rather pay $6 a bowl and have real crab meat. If not, leave it out of the dish and call it Egg Drop soup.


The other winner of the night was the Chicken Katsu with Asian Nachos we ordered for the kids. The chicken was tender, flavorful and I love anything fried in panko. The Asian Nachos were also good, topped with teriyaki sauce, a creamy, spicy sauce, pico and black beans. The dish is very similar to the nachos aggressively sampled at Chomp Champ in the mall food court…so much so that we wonder if both are owned by the same team. Very tasty.

The Start Your Night Off roll sounded interesting, topped with shrimp guacamole (there was very little shrimp present). The guacamole itself was good and fresh, but my nemesis “krab” made another unwelcome appearance in the Cali roll underneath.

Spicy Ramen with Chicken was not very spicy and overall lacking in flavor. Had potential, but just didn’t quite deliver. The boy thought the noodles looked like Rapunzel’s hair. They love Tangled.


All that being said, I will definitely be back. There are a lot of other items I would like to try on the menu. The staff was also fantastic, super friendly and service was amazingly fast. I also take into consideration that the place has only been open for just over a week. I will give the kitchen some time to get on the same page with the menu and recipes, then give it another shot. I really want this place to succeed. It’s a welcome, unique addition to downtown and the prices are reasonable enough for lunch or dinner. So give it a try and let me know of you have any recommendations. And beware of the krab.

Blu Sesame is adjoined to another of the owners concepts, Side-by-Side dessert lounge. It has it’s own entrance or can be accessed from inside Blu Sesame.



As you can see, the place looks great, as do the desserts. They get high marks for presentation. Staff recommendations included cupcakes (all of which include yogurt) and cheesecake. We were told that they make all their desserts. We decided on the tiramisu.

Unfortunately the cake was dry, there was no discernible coffee flavor, and not nearly enough of the creamy mascarpone in between layers.

That was one choice out of a myriad of options. I am really hoping the others don’t follow suit in the “looks better than they taste” category.


3 thoughts on “Blu Sesame – The Early Days

  1. I was there yesterday, and had the Sea Bass Katsu, along with Asian Nachos. I LOVED it! I agree that the service was friendly – and fast. I tried some of the other items in the dessert lounge. I LOVED the yogurt based cupcakes, especially the blueberry cupcakes. They were not dry at all, and the frosting was just the right level of sweetness for me. I hate cupcakes that are so rich and sickingly sweet, that you can’t even eat the whole thing. You should definitely try the French macaroons, too. Also keep in mind, that while Blu Sesame has been open for about one week, the Side by Side Dessert Lounge just opened yesterday.

    • I had my eye on the Sea Bass Katsu but actually didn’t order it specifically because you did, to give SGF opinions on some other dishes:) We did love the Asian Nacho side though and plan to try the app version w/ chicken next go around. Also plan on the SB Katsu as it is one of my fav fishes and don’t think I’ve ever had it fried before.

      Good note on the cupcakes also. Agree with the sickeningly sweet comment. Let you know what I think on my next stop. Thanks for commenting. If you enjoy it, I’d love a retweet to your followers. Always looking to add to mine!

  2. I also went to Blu Sesame last night (7/26/11) and had the Refresh Roll and the Start your night off Roll. I believe the Refresh roll will be a new favorite of mine. I wanted to try some of the desserts that Side by Side had to offer (they were definitely tempting); but I was incredibly full from my lovely meal and decided not to.
    I must note I do have an issue with the spelling of one dessert. It is spelled Macaron. NOT Macaroon. (“Macaroons” have coconut in them and were allegedly created in Scotland.) I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for any Springfield restaurant to serve the “French” (Parisian) Macarons for some time. While the USA became crazy about cupcakes, Europe went gaga for the Macaron. The soft, amazing cookie is an exceptional method to transport buttercream frosting into your mouth! I hope that Side by Side will forgive my picadillo and correct the spelling for me. I would greatly appreciate it.

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